Chen Taijiquan began in the 17th Century when the 9th generation of the Chen Family, Chen Wanting, formalised his boxing techniques. these skills were practised and passed down through the family, until 14th generation Chen Chang Xing modernised the boxing skills into one long form and one cannon fist form. Chen Fa Ke of the 17th generation, developed the two existing hand forms to include more spiralling and fajing in the early 20th century, creating what is known as the new frame (Xinjia). that the skill was developed further. The family skill was passed to Chen 18th generation and then to Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, 19th generation. 

Master Michael Tse began his study of Chen Taijiquan with Master Fung, who had learned his skill from a student of Chen Fa Ke. Master Tse later continued his studies with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang. 


Sifu Mike Baker continues to study Chen Taijiquan with Master Michael Tse.