About Sifu Mike Baker

Mike Baker is a senior student of Master Michael Tse.

After studying various Japanese martial arts for over 10 years he developed an interest in holistic medicine, leading him to seek an understanding of Qi. This stimulated an interest in Qigong and a desire to find a good teacher with whom to study. He chose to attend University in Manchester to provide the opportunity to study with Master Michael Tse at the same time.

The first visit to class was truly an eye opener, after the class had finished and Mike had expressed his interest in martial arts, Tse Sifu said ‘if you want to see real martial art, follow me’. Tse Sifu then lead him to the old GPO building where at roof level there was a Wing Chun class.

Not only had Mike found a Qigong teacher but the opportunity to study Wing Chun had also presented itself. The desire to learn Wing Chun had developed from the influences of Bruce Lee, however given the importance of this skill it was tremendously important to find a good teacher with a lineage to Great Grandmaster Ip Man, otherwise any bad habits could take a lifetime to correct.

After beginning to study with Master Tse, Mike decided that his particular path lay away from the militaristic and often painful ways of japanese martial arts and more with the subtle ways of the Chinese methods. As the years progressed, he was fortunate to begin learning Chun Yuen Quan, Hard Qigong and Chen Taijiquan in addition to improving his knowledge of Qigong and Wing Chun.

Mike was asked to begin teaching in Birmingham by his teacher in 1999 and continues to do so.

Mike has been fortunate to visit his Sigong, Grandmaster Ip Chun, in Hong Kong on several occasions and also to perform at the opening of the Ip Man Tong (Ip Man memorial Musuem) in Foshan, China.